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Kerrigan by tiffanyturrill Kerrigan by tiffanyturrill
Blizz didnt like it.
Was trying to make Kerrigan not look like generic female badguy, but there's only so much you can do.


continue, fanpeeps, continue. :D
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DendaReloaded Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice work.
why didn't blizz like it tho?
and how do you know that?
Rivvyn Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what medium? Acrylic or Oil?
tiffanyturrill Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Professional General Artist
neither, watercolor and marker :3
Rivvyn Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhh, very nice
Yukarisan1 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
I like then human-like creatures have parts from animals like Kerrigan or my fav creature from HoMM5 [link]
DeadBilly27 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011
I can't imagine them not liking this. You've really made her look like I always pictured. Kind of like a beautiful nightmare. It's their loss I guess.
Latharion Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Student General Artist
o wow! I really like your approach to her and her form as the Queen of Blades!

Very nice!
Insanity-pandemonium Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
She is only the badguy if you're a Terran or a Protoss. I for one...
ARE FOR THE SWARM! And therefore find her quite enchanting. :3
Very nice concept design i liikkeesss.
Is that watercolor?
Lean-V Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why the Terran haven't been able to carbonize her ass yet is beyond me. U.E.D FOREVER!!!
TheTrueDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Joosh Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010
I really like the effect you've got here, especially with the arms in particular and the colouring you've done.
amh-sappho Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...epic... O_O
SilverZeo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009  Hobbyist
Wicked epic!
Mistress-DarkLoki Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009
Definitely an interesting concept, she looks a little... Undead if you ask me. Then again, Kerrigan 'IS' the super QB of the Universe as she says in the game. Starcraft has to be one of my more favorite PC games, I've been playing it since it pretty much first came out. And you're right, there's only so much that can be done with those who are "EVIL" in the first place, or... second place as the case may be.
If vegetarians eat vegetables, then what do humanitarians eat?
tenshi632 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
girlz play starcraft well that it the end is nearget your credit now and dont pay jajajajjajajjaa great job it really looks like the matriarch of the zergs
bcbdrums Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2009
i like what you were going for with this. but you're right, there's only so much you can do... in my version, i tried to blend a little more terran design into her [link]
Giggilymoricon Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, very nice work. It has an overall creepy feel that I really like, reminiscent of the cinematic footage of her in the original starcraft. Of course, this is far less human than blizzard had ever portrayed Kerrigan, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Blizzard has to sell it's games somehow, and while the gameplay itself is enough to hook you once you started, a good way to get people to start their games is to get them horny. Kerrigan was their appeal to the goth crowd. In Starcraft 2, I think they've made her far too humanlike.

But anyways, there are a few things that I think could have been improved. First of all, I think her breasts, or what's left of them, look kind of awkward here. I'm not saying you should have gotten rid of them, because she was originally a human, and it's nice to keep some sort of, rather disturbing, sex appeal, if only to add to the creepiness factor. If you see a monster, and it turns you on, well... you get the idea. But they were placed to far down on her chest, and also too far apart. They don't have to be huge, but that gap inbetween them just looks sort of strange, I think. Also, they were outlined a bit too harshly. From what I can see, they would have looked fine with just the shadowing that was already present.

And her face is a bit off too. First of all, her lips are far too pointy. It would have looked better if it was a more gradual curve. And second of all, she looks like a Protoss. The forehead is jutting out over eyes too much. Sunken eyes do add to the creepiness factor, but I don't think you pulled it off right.

The wings are pretty great, but I just noticed that they looked rather two-dimensional. i know they are rather flat, but still, I think they could have been SLIGHTLY improved.

And lastly, you should have painted her into a scene. Not necessarily anything really going on, but her standing on top of a pedestal inside an organic-looking cave, or coming out of the shadows, etc. Really anything, she just doesn't look right with the background so light.

But overall, a great job. I wish I could paint like you. Alas, I'll stick to my sketching.
Eyecicle Featured By Owner May 30, 2009
This is not Kerrigan, it looks like some kind of undead. While I can understand that some people compare Zerg to the undead, Kerrigan is very much alive. Here she looks like she was in a very advanced decomposition state.
If only you didn't call this Kerrigan, it would make a good "female badguy".

It's good to know that Blizzard still have their taste.
tiffanyturrill Featured By Owner May 31, 2009  Professional General Artist

youre a douchebag.
Eyecicle Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009
Mizadia Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
This is fantastic. =]]
I love how she seems wrapped up ... in her own flesh. o o;
Brings back memories. <3
Mistresssativa Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
Reminds me of The Lady Of Pain.
Juonryu Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2008
i thought of sephy or ultimecia:P

my critique... dunno, everything looks fine, but maybe a darker background, or other colors?
Haematinon Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
i think is perfect,more original than the usual concept.
maumanga Featured By Owner May 11, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Too bad Blizzard didn´t like it.

I DID. ;)

Very cool artwork, congratz!
dinshino Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2008
Organic dress...hmm....Interesting.
DarkHathor Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Very good. I like how she dosent have the carapace bikini most other drawings of her have.
Pesto-Posta Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
Well I have to disagree with blizzard.
Tis a great pic of Kerrigan
IforDetail Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007   Artisan Crafter
Easily one of the best infested Kerrigan protrayals I've come across so far. Mostly because of subtle things that I personally find appealing, really. The elongated arms and hands show that she's been thoroughly transformed but not to the point of becoming something entirely unrecognizeable from the "original".

Plus she's naked. But only in the sense that she isn't wearing clothes. She's still "covered" by her natural scales, armor, etc., but not donning any silly tights or whatever else some artists have decided to dangle off her.

My only critique is with the design, but that's because I typically look at this sort of thing from a biology background and look for the functionality of designs in addition to aesthetics. It seems like some of her dangly bits wouldn't lend themselves to practical ranges of motion.
tiffanyturrill Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007  Professional General Artist
ha! you got me. those dangly bits on the pelvis (if thats what youre referring to) were a complete last minute addition; more to break up her humanoid shape than anything.

i looked through the other depictions of her and just giggled myself silly. mundane female villians. zzzzz.

:) thankyou
CrazedPotato Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
By demeanor she's unavoidably kind of a generic female villain but she ranks 2nd as the best video game villain of all time. Sephiroth leading.
So any work of her's awesome by extension. :P I love how you managed to make her look pretty but horrific at the same time. Can never get enough of the blade-ish appendages.
hcaep Featured By Owner May 27, 2007  Professional General Artist
Cool!!! Creepy...but cool.

I noticed the "Advanced Critique Encouraged", but alas I can't find any flaws in this peice.

Yeah, Blizzard can suck on things like that. I had a similar experience with design work for Diablo II.

Oh well, you still put out a beautiful peice!!!
SpeikobraRote Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmm its really a good pic ... I don't like that Kerrigan looks a bit ugly.. sorry for that but it is well done really.
Kornmill Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007
I really like the detailed coloring. Kerrigan is fabulous!
wonderful-sickness Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2006
This is really good! I like the wing things.
KrewL-RaiN Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006
Nice designs on the great queen of blades hehe
The-Evil-Kitten Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2006
I love it.
Dilydu Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2006  Professional General Artist
I really like the results!
Arya-of-Evern Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2006
Very nice Lies, I'm impressed!

Oh, and by the way...guess who? :P
fedtowolves Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh my favorite Starcraft character. Absolutely awesome work here, I love how you portrayed her.
tiamat9 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2006
Nice character work. I really like the details and anatomy. The stylization of the figure is very good. Great looking wings.
sunjian Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
hhooottt!!good job:D
isiliel Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006
Well, you may think she looks like a generic female badguy (and I might agree a little on that), but wow she looks cool and badass! I really like the design, especially how she's clothed -I can't make up my mind where her body stops and the cloth begins (or even if it *is* cloth in the first place), but that makes it more creepy. The wings are really nice. , and I like how they fit with the ones that points upwards. It really is a very "whole" design (dunno if you quite understand what I mean, but the english word for 'helhetlig' escapes me atm ;) ). The hair fits her quite well, and her expression is great: she really looks pissed and one about to cause you pain :evillaugh:

I dunno what a Kerrigan really is, but I do know that I wouldn't be on her bad side :D
I'm sorry it didn't make it into the contest, because I think it's a good piece of work :rose:
tiffanyturrill Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2006  Professional General Artist
Kerrigan's a character from Blizzard Entertainment's game series, Starcraft.
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